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Website Standard Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our web site. This data privacy policy outlines how Logodesignconsultant™ uses personal information collected at this site. Please read web online company privacy policy before placing your order and submitting any personal information. Once you submit your order, you automatically accept all the terms and conditions on this site. Our policy and terms and conditions can change whenever the company feels that there is a need to change it. Thus it is your responsibility to visit these pages regularly to keep yourself updated with the latest changes.

Collection of Information
We only collect information that is deemed necessary. It includes your name, email address, postal address and contact number etc. any information that is irrelevant is never asked for.

Forgotten account password
If you forget your account password then here is what you need to do:

  • Go to my account page and enter your email address
  • Click on the option remind me password
  • Your password shall be emailed soon. Do remember to change it once you receive that in your inbox.

Distribution of Information
We share your necessary information with the credit card processing agencies for billing purposes that are guaranteed not to be misused. Apart from that we at times also share your information with the government agencies if required by the law.

Commitment to Data Security
In accordance with our policy privacy law, your personal data is extremely secure. Not even our employees have the access to it. It is only used by the concerned company authorities.

Privacy Contact Information
If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you are encouraged to contact us at any point in time as you feel like.

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