The Big Quest- Whose worthy of creatively designing your logo; Freelance Logo Designer OR a Custom Online Logo Design Company?

REMEMBER, You Get What You Pay For!!!

A logo design is your business’ storefront… it is a window to your business’ style and substance and it is a channel to make your presence known- visible to the world associated with your business. This is why developing a professional logo design becomes immediately necessary as it is your business’ brand identity at stake.

There are four main ways to get your business a best logo design.

1. Do It Yourself (Not Recommended)

  • The cheapest solution, of course, is to do it yourself.
  • Few people have the experience and necessary skills to use Lllustrator, Photoshop or other graphic design programs
  • Risking the company image big time if you use clipart

2. Advertising Agencies (Only for business with budget
over $2,000)

  • They have been known in the development of brand identity for decades
  • People hire them not just to get the best logo design but to run a full-fledge advertising campaign
  • Their prices range from $2000-$10000

3. Freelance Graphic Designer (Recommended)

  • They charge on an hourly rate and are proficient in working on Adobe Photo shop
  • They are part-timers so their 24-hour availability is a big question mark especially when you need them
  • They can give creative logo designs but, usually, are not updated with the current design trends

4. Custom Online Logo Design Websites (Highly Recommended)

  • They are the “new” advertising agencies with cheaper prices because usually they do not have a walk-in office for customers but an offline office for maintaining employees
  • Online logo design companies have qualified & creative graphic designers who are similar in their work procedures as those in advertising agencies
  • Prices start from $59 and go up to $1500 depending upon the features offered in a particular package

To help you deciding between the two recommended options to get a creative logo design for your business, a comparative analysis is drawn up below between online logo design websites and freelance graphic designer.

These features are derived from analyzing a small list of freelance graphic designers and online logo design websites with respect to what they promise- professional logo designs.


They are part-time workers. Chances are that they might not be available when you want them to.


Thorough experience in designing graphics


Freelancers normally use Adobe Photos Shop or Illustrator which results in blurry image on resizing or printing


Creativity limited to designing graphics


Client reliant on the health and support of one person for the successful completion of their logo design


Plays-it-safe Approach- will choose a classic look and make your business look old. Generally freelancers are hooked up in their primary jobs and, hence, they don’t get much time to be updated with the new design trends,


Freelancers don’t have to be registered to do business on the Internet so they can easily do a runner with your money after the 1st draft of your logo design is provided


If you realize later that the logo produced is not up to standards, then the designer cannot be held accountable, in most cases


Risk of similar logo designed for another business due to limited creativity

Creative logo designers hired for full-time - Their only source of income is designing. So, you can get timely revisions, amendments, answers, explanations etc…


Professional logo design websites have thorough experience in creating brand Identities for start-ups, and small-, medium-, and big-sized businesses.


Professional logo design firms hire designers
who are well-versed in using CorelDraw which results
in high image quality


Creative individuals who provide a unique logo design
from scratch


Client rely on a professional logo design team including quality assurance, customer service, and designers for the successful completion of the design project


Trendy Approach– Competition within the company make it necessary for the designers to remain updated of design trends that will give you out of the box creative logo design.


Professional online logo design services are registered businesses and, hence, can’t take your money and do a runner without providing all necessary revisions and
making you satisfied


They have to deliver the best logo design at all costs because business reputation is at stake


Provides licensing agreements


If the end product has the great value to the client, that is, strong brand recognition, improved perceived value of their products/services, higher sales,and looking better than the competition, then shouldn’t the fee charged be of the same value?

For example, if Mercedes Benz figured out a way to produce their vehicles for the cost of a Hyundai without compromising quality wouldn’t they still charge the same high prices for their exceptional product? From the facts outlined above it is concluded that although both mediums of logo designing are generally trustworthy, risk is minimized when an online Logo design company is preferred over Freelance Graphic Designers.