8 Big Favors Only Small Logo Design ServicesCan Offer

Branding, the holy grail of big businesses, work like a foghornfor small firms. The first thought that comes in their mind seeing this fancy word is the high cost attached with it. With limited resources and tight budget, these small businesses prefer avoiding any service that can cost them some bucks and often regard brand building to be something elite, only for the privileged giant-sized companies.

Yet, logo is something they cannotescape. Even for a small car wash business, a bill-board in any nearby road is needed to attract motor driversof the neighborhood (the main targeted market of the business) and bill-board of a firm necessarily includes the company’s logo. So irrespective of whether you own a small local business or a giant sized company, you’ll ultimately end at brand building, even if you don’t realize it. That’s because branding is nothing but marketing the unique image of your product or service to your potential customers.  However, for a small business like car wash or grocery shop in a town or a website for plumbing business, you can’t afford to brand yourself like giant multinationals. Nevertheless, you don’t need to lose heart as there is no scarcity of custom logo design services that can build identity mark for your business within your limited budget.

All you need is an identity mark and logo design companies are best for this. So instead of requesting a friend or relative to give you a home-made logo design in return of a lunch or hiring a local part-time artist for few bucks, it’s better to go online and hire an online logo design service. Although logo design companies come in all sizes, there are certain benefits you can get only from working with a small logo design agency. Here I have listed some important ones for you:

1. Minimal Overheads = Maximum Affordability

It’s a common notion that the more you pay the better you’ll get. True, to some cases, but not all. When it comes to price differential between the logo designing services of large and small online agencies, it’s the overhead not quality that steers the wheel. It’s a matter of simple logic. Cost of running a business with one-room office and two employees can’t be compared with the investment one needs to run a giant multinational firm. Then, unlike big businesses that rely on investors, small businesses make use of microfinance schemes to cover the start-up costs. They also need just few bucks for marketing as they have a limited targeted clientele. All this adds up to low overhead cost that let these logo design firms offer you more affordable prices without making any compromise on quality of designs. 

2. No Taxing Taxes = Save Even More

You might have heard of off-shoring – it’s the talk of the town. Part of the world that has long been ignored by the business world is now emerging as a hub of creative minds. Design industry is in particular rushing toward East. And with the magic of Internet, you don’t now need to visit those designers in person.

But what’s so special about these online logo designers? – The reduced rates of their custom logo design services. Logo design firms in your neighborhood pay a large amount of sales tax on every single deal and, of course, they can’t compromise the profit and add up the amount in your bill. So ultimately it’s you who is paying all the taxes. In contrast, the tax system has not yet covered the online deals and, so, these online logo design services have tax-free price tags. Hence, you can enjoy even more saving by purchasing the logo design services from online small logo designing agencies.

3. Niche Focused Firms = Specialized Business Logo Design Services

A lot of small logo design services are small because they are focused on just one or two niches. Choosing a small custom logo design service specialized in a particular industry can help you get the expert help specific to your industry’s needs.

Also, design services are not limited to logo designing only; there are companies specialized in designing of web, business card, stationary and many more. Hiring multiple design services specialized in a niche isn’t costly, as often believed. Instead, being small businesses they can offer you affordable prices. You can rely on such firms as they have been operating within your specific market for years and know well what works and what doesn’t. Also, they can do well at tasks that are overlooked or rushed in by big busy companies.

4. Flexible Approach = Freedom for Molding the Design as per Your Requirements 

We aren’t machines, are we? So, rule-breaking is the most natural crime we can commit. I personally hate doing business in the environment locked with policies and procedures, not because I don’t like discipline but because I can’t afford it. The only law that is ruling the world is the law of change. In this ever-changing environment, you can’t get yourself restrained by some static policies. The market, as well as your clients’ interests and preferences, keeps on changing, so the smartest thing you can expect from your logo design service is flexibility. There is no harm in having a set of principles or a specific process, in fact, it’s important to have a defined design process, yet it’s equally important that the custom logo design services can mold it enough to fulfill the needs of the day.

Size and flexibility are somehow related. Small logo design agencies, with limited layers of hierarchy, are more inclined to make exceptions to the rules and to experiment with new design approaches. Large business logo design services are so much bound by legalities and have such a long chain of command that making a small shift from their rules would take them days to finalize. The flexible logo design services of small firms make them more respectful toward your requirement and more innovative in designs.

5. No Middle Man = Closer and Long-lasting Relationship

The best thing, in my opinion, about small logo design services is the special care they give to their customers. Although, just like big companies, most of the small logo design firms do have a team of customer support and care, direct communication with designer and even the firm owner is much easier there than in the giant-sized agencies with designers all around the world. It’s not just that you can communicate your problems straightforwardly to the person involved; you can also get it solved more quickly and accordingly. With only few people at stake, on-the-spot decision making is possible in small logo design companies.

Absence of middle managerial layers also let you develop a personal and long-lasting relationship with your online logo design service. Once you get gelled with the designer, you’d always prefer working with the same person because she/he knows your business well. Also, it’s good to have consistency in your designs. If your logo isn’t matching with your website or stationary, you might miss the mark.

6. A Never Closed Store = Convenient and Quick Shopping

The online presence of these small design agencies save you from visiting each design firm in the flesh or searching though the classified papers for designing service ads. The websites of these online design agencies not only provide you all details, from design packages and deals to their creativity process and designing approach. You can easily look through the portfolios of hundreds of logo designers in couple of hours and can also contact them through online chat or email.

Settle yourself in a comfy sofa at home and browse through the portfolios of business logo design services regardless of their physical location. No more wastage of time and fuel, an end to the mental stress of finding a parking spot, relief from over-efficient salesperson jumping unnecessary details down your throat and total freedom from pushing through crowd and queuing for your turn at sales counter. You can do this shopping anytime of the day, whenever you feel convenient, even if it’s the mid night or the early morning.

7. Price Comparison = Choose the Very Best Custom Logo Design Service

Comparison shopping is now just a click away. In addition to a number of price comparison websites, you can also manually compare the prices of the online logo design services that suit your requirements. However, don’t use price comparison to find the least-priced option. Instead, decide your budget first and, then, look for the best service you can get within that budget. That’s the real way of using online price comparison facility.

8. One Last Benefit

Simply put, huge size of your logo design firm is no guarantee of your satisfaction with the quality of its service. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, with low cost, personalized service, flexible approach and online dealing facilities, small design agencies are somehow better than the giant elite designing companies.

And here is a last hurrah. Small logo design companies are plenty in numbers. If you don’t feel right about a firm, move ahead. You have countless other options.

But this is a tricky one. With so much variety at hand, you might face problem selecting the one online logo design agency that fit for your job. Don’t worry! I have already devised a formula to help you out. Check out the 7 points to keep in mind while selecting your logo designer.