Should You Design Your Own Logo? Truth revealed about free logo maker software.

It looks magical to download a free logo maker and start combining pieces of graphics to make it your own… It looks like a treat to the eyes and a fun thing to do, until you download it. You use a free logo maker because:

  • You feel logo designs are successful, based solely on how attractive they are, and that’s not hard to put together
  • You are hesitant on spending a few hundred bucks on your corporate brand identity because you think sales levels should be met before establishing a logo brand identity
  • Your family thinks you have an eye for art and you feel it qualifies you to draw up your business’ logo brand mark. Bonus Points for the praises you will receive on showing off your work
  • The end logo design looks too messy, cannot be used in black and white, and becomes alarmingly blurry upon resize

You feel that your product will sell without a brand logo mark, ignoring strong competition. You wrongly believe that your Logo is NOT dynamic in building a business reputation among your Target Audience.

Warning: Your Business will NOT meet Target Sales with A Home-Made Logo Design

If you use free logo makers you will lose 10 times more sales as compared to the sales of competitors, even when their products or services are worse than yours. Can you afford this and survive?

Three Major Stages Free Logo Maker Software IGNORES ENTIRELY…

  • Study of Future Design Trends to incorporate an element in design
  • The Correct Use of colors according to Business Type
  • Analysis of Competitors’ Logo Designs and their success rate.

Download Free Logo Maker and kill your brand image literally in seconds. Here’s why…

The graphics you’ll use to design your logo through a free logo maker, will also be used by plenty other people to brand their businesses. Hence, the message you are trying to convey to your target audience through your logo will be lost amongst so many other businesses using the same set of graphics

Target audience will be left to a whole new set of confusion about what you offer, eventually after which they choose competitors’ products that are easie to identify!

Free Logo Maker can save Face too!!

Here’s How:

  • You can create Graphic Designs for kids selling lemonade to make their stall look attractive
  • It suits well for School Projects, for example, “Plant a Tree Day” logo for the school or a Presentation Assignment for the class, where a logo will only add points to the thought put into work
  • It also goes perfectly well for School President Elections’ logo, where a decent logo design is foolish to invest in.
  • You can also create invitation cards through these free logo creators for parties arranged for school kids to look fun and exciting

However, it is good to be careful when you are resizing the graphics designed with a Free Logo Maker, as they become blurry upon resize and, more often than not, they end up looking like a mess.