Online Free Logo Creator vs. Custom Logo Designer – Which Is Better?

Which Logo Design Option Can DamageYour Sales: a Free Logo Creator Website OR a Custom Logo Designer? REMEMBER: An Attractive Logo Is Not Always a Successful Logo

Logo design plays a major role in building business brand image. It creates an entire atmosphere around a brand, and when done right, it can build customer relationships, increase sales and maximize profits. The tricky part is choosing a channel that will minimize chances of affecting your brand image negatively. This article will discuss whether a custom logo designer is needed or a free logo creator will suffice your branding needs.

When a small start-up business begins researching for options concerning their logo designs, 5 types of options areusually analyzed. These are:

  • Do-It-Yourself Through Free Logo Creator
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Custom Online Logo Design Websites
  • Free Logo Design Contests

A lot of start-ups, more often than not, choose free logo creator to design a logo on their own; the reason being that it’s FREE. Just a little thinking over it makes one wonder why logos are given free if they are just as effective as custom-made logo designs. It’s like arguing that free water of a river is just as healthy to drink as that of a distilled water bottle.

Below is a comparative analysis between an online free logo creator (also called free logo generator) and a custom logo designer. The features listed are derived from analys is of a list of Free Logo Generators and Custom Logo Designers with respect to what they promise- Professional Logo Designs


COPIED LOGO- Since online free logo creator uses a database of graphics, you’ll be using the same set of graphics available to all the other businesses to come up with your logo. This will highly clutter your business message which you are trying to convey through your logo or you may even end up having more or less a same logo as of your competitor


FEELING OF EMBARRASMENT -You’ll be terribly embarrassed while handing over your business card or other important marketing material to your customers, vendors, or partners because… 
Online Free logo generator does not designscalable images.This means image is alarmingly blurry upon resize or printing. “Don’t ever make the mistake of printing it on your stationery if you have used clipart or free logo generator database of images”


Free logo builder is a program that will just create a logo if you fill up some of the required fields. Free logo creation websites do not perform any analysis of your… competition, targeted niche market, competitive edge, and current design trends.


If you later realize that the logo created is not up to standards, then online free logo generators cannot be held accountable. Even if you get to revise your logo, therevision will not have massive change in the overall look and feel because of the limited resources and creativity of the software


Clients rely solely on the application’s intelligence and smartness to get their business logo.


As opposed to free logo creation, custom logo designers have access to paid databases of graphics like, and, to name a few. The advantage of using the paid stock photo databases is that you can become the exclusive owner of the image if you purchase either “Rights Managed” and/or “Extended”license. 


Logo is usually delivered in more than 10 different file formats including .eps, .ai, .psd, .tiff, .gif and many more. Every file format has its own advantages. Some arepreferred for web while some for printing. So, you get all kinds of files suitable for nearly every kind of marketing medium. 


They can only start if creative brief is provided which generally asks for all the information about your business, products, competition, unique selling proposition, etc…The logo you get is designed after a thorough study and research of the above factors…


They HAVE to deliver the best logo design at all costs as their business reputation is at stake. So you get free unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. 


Client rely on a professional logo design team includingquality assurancecustomer service, and expert designers for the successful completion of their design project

A brand logo Identity next to your business’ name brings credibility that improves your reputation. This encourages the customers to purchase from your business, which enhances sales levels and, therefore, results in profit maximization.

When a logo graphic Image is available in a template and used by thousands of other businesses, the brand identity diminishes and a Negative Brand Image is formed- Your customer perceives your business as cheap; he expects low quality products/services for extremely cheap prices. When your prices, although reasonable in proportion to your product, cannot meet their expectation level- sales level falls drastically forcing you out of business.

When free logo generators are downloaded and logos created from the use of wide range of templates that are offered, there is no creativity involved, no questions asked, and no brand issues considered at all. Thus using such channels of logo design do not serve any strategic purpose whatsoever, as opposed to other available modes of getting your logo designed. Find a full comparative analysis of all types of logo design options here