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We will provide you unique, custom-designed, eye-catching and creative banner designs that can truly serve their purpose. Our designers will make sure that you get what you require, as customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

Your banner will be available in the following formats so that you can download it in any form you feel like:

Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg) & Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
.jpg format is a locked file that is used to upload the final stuff. It cannot be edited. It is commonly used for compressing data, normally small images, files, and websites. At times the original data can be compressed up to 1/10th of the original size.
.gif file format is provided for both animated images/pictures and normal image/ pictures.

Photoshop File (.psd)

.psd file format is a Photoshop file format. .psd file format is used by designers to add, change or remove colors in the image. In other words it is used for editing .jpg and .gif formats.

Adobe Flash (FLA) and Shock Wave Flash (SWF)  
FLA is a type of file format that can be applied to both vector based and raster graphics. It is predominantly used for animated graphic designing. The FLA file format also supports dual streaming of videos and gaming applications. With reference to context, Flash is used to design animated banners and other web based advertising material.

The extension .SWF comes with the source file of flash animations and serves as the leading editable file format for representing animated vector graphics on the internet. To make it simple, your animated banner is made in Shock Wave with the source file having the extension .SWF and displayed in Flash Player with the display file having the extension .FLA.


Once your draft is approved and delivered, you will also get the copyrights of it.

All these different file formats will be available in your account. You can access these files whenever you feel like and download it as many times you want. We offer life time storage facility which means that you can access your account at any point in time. It shall not be closed.

For further queries check out our FAQs and for consultation contact us at any time you feel like.

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